Misogyny’s Great Disconnect

A subtle but powerful way to create positive change

Susie Kahlich


Photo by Pier Monzon on Unsplash

Someone I am close to posted this video on Facebook, with the comment that this is the language you need to learn in order to speak to his hip teenage daughters. He was being a dad, and was bordering on making a dad joke.

Except the video wasn’t funny.

The video is currently making the rounds on social media. The premise is entertaining enough: a courtroom, a guy on trial, Gen Z slang slung around so fast it makes your Ok Boomer head hurt.

The crime? Well… it’s not grammar.

The crime the man is on trial for is revealed about halfway through the clip, and the climax is his admission of guilt, meant to be delivered as a kind of punch line:


A blooper at the very end of the clip shows the actor repeating the line with much laughter from cast and crew. Maybe it’s an “it’s so wrong, it’s funny” kind of moment. I don’t know, because I was too busy being horrified that the punchline is femicide.

Bruh, it could have been any other crime: embezzlement, auto theft, bank robbery, shoplifting… Considering that no Gen Z slang was used in the confessional line, that premise of the clip clearly didn’t rely on the type of crime committed at all.

So why choose femicide?

Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash

The first disconnect that I see here is that, while the main story is to deliver Gen Z slang, the subcontext is that (a) guys choke their girlfriends so often it’s relatable (because the audience has to relate in order for comedy to be funny), and (b) it’s funny to kill women. Perhaps more accurately, women’s deaths by manslaughter are incidental to the main story.

But that’s only the superficial layer. The more horrifying disconnect for me was the original poster, the man that I know who loves his daughters and is a good husband, and sees absolutely no relationship between qualifying this video as a prerequisite to watch in order to communicate with his daughters, nor the relationship…



Susie Kahlich

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