Have you never read all the paragraphs in an article before? Did you miss the one that mentions this story clearly follows the structure of The Hero’s Journey, as laid out by Joseph Campbell, which also answers your question about whether I understand how origin stories work? That paragraph includes a sentence that goes something like “this makes for good storytelling”. The paragraph that directly follows very clearly makes the point that it is not a formula for real life (“But that’s not a formula for real life.”), marking a clear departure from the fiction of the movie into addressing real-life issues.

This was even set up in an earlier paragraph that states “I’m worried about what young girls will take away from the movie,” establishing the premise for the rest of the article, which is about the impact of pop culture rather than the movie itself.

Before that paragraph, I actually said I enjoyed the movie as Saturday afternoon entertainment. So… not really sure what the problem is here for you, but thanks for commenting!

Founder of Pretty Deadly Self Defense @ prettydeadlyselfdefense.com // Former producer of art podcast Artipoeus: art you can hear @ artipoeus.com

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